It's a more cost effective form of energy

It's better for the environment

​The benefits of solar

It helps enable our country's energy independance

It's a viable, renewable energy source

Did you know the sun provides enough energy to power the entire planet for a whole year? Why not take advantage of this clean, renewable energy source and start making a difference in the way we generate our energy instead of relying on dirty fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas? Today, 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from power plants!

The solution? A typical solar system equates to planting 131 trees, and will save 80,000 pounds of carbon dioxide over 15 years. That's the same as driving 100,000 miles in your car!


With Altitude Solar, you now have three great options to go solar, including no money down financing programs. The average utility rate in Colorado has increased 7% per year for the last decade. At that rate, if you're paying $100 per month today, you'd pay $240 for that same power in 10 years!

​Paying a fixed rate for your energy protects you from those increases and enables you to save even more over the long term.


One of the major issues that faces America today is our reliance on foreign oil for our energy needs. Going solar helps enable the United States to become more self sufficient for the energy we use which benefits all of us--from our national security to fluctuating oil prices that affect our pocket book.

You can do your part in helping us achieve energy independance by generating your own power from a clean, renewable energy source...the sun!​

Many of the country's leading corporations and government agencies are going solar. Company's like Google, Apple, IKEA and WalMart have all installed solar solutions to benefit from this viable energy source. In addition, the US Department of Defense has over 16 million acres of land for solar and wind production! ​


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