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Frequently asked questions

What happens if it's cloudy or rainy for several days in a row?

Your solar system will still produce energy, but just not as much as it would on sunny days. If your system isn't producing enough energy on bad weather days, you will draw more energy from the utiity grid, so you'll never be without power.

How will solar affect my home's value?

According to recent studies by the Department of Energy, the average home with a solar energy system increased in value by $5,900 for every one kW of solar they installed. That's about $30,000 for a typical solar energy system! Plus solar is exempt from your property tax, so you'll increase the value of your home without having to pay any additional property tax on your home improvement!

How long do solar panels last?

Our solar panels have a 25 year production warranty with a life expectancy of over 40 years

What if there's a hailstorm?

We work with the best solar panel manufacturers to ensure you get the very best product in the market. Our solar panels are built with high-impact tempered glass and are able to withstand 3/4" hail at 60 mph. If there is damage, your homeowner's insurance should cover the repair.  

How heavy are solar panels?

Solar panels are relatively lightweight, so there are rarely any modifications required to your roof prior to installation. The typical solar panel weighs less than four pounds per square foot.

What is Net Metering?

Colorado has some of the best net metering laws in the country which enables you to generate credit with your utility provider for the excess energy you produce but don't use. During the day, when your solar system is producing more energy than you're using, you send that excess energy back to your utility provider or "the grid". Your utility company then calculates credits for that excess energy you produce and applies that credit to you for the energy you use at night when you aren't producing solar energy!

Are there still renewbale energy rebates and incentives available?

Yes! You can qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit (assuming you have a taxable income) and some utility companies will pay you to install solar! Call us today and find out what rebates are available in your area.

Have more questions?

Call us for a free solar energy analysis on your home! 303-433-2233


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